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A camera stand&camera tripod is photographers’ favourite. It is used to stabilize and elevate a camera or a smartphone, flash unit, or other photographic equipment. This device has three legs and a mounting head to couple with a camera. The mounting head usually includes a thumbscrew that mates to a female threaded receptacle on the camera, as well as a mechanism to be able to rotate and tilt the camera when it is mounted on the tripod. Tripod legs are usually made to telescope, in order to save space when not in use.          


Tripods are usually made from aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, wood or plastic.The main purpose of a tripod is to allow photographers to capture images using slow shutter speeds.If you’re serious about photography, then it's essential to own a tripod, so you can be sure that you get perfect pictures in a way you want and don't end up with blurry images from a shaky hand. Plus, most of the best images that have been captured by photographers till date are ones that are shot with the support and stability of a tripod.

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