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Has lightweight professional tripod passed the QC test?
Along with our internal QC testing, Zhongshan Baoyi Metal & Plastic Products Co., L also jobs to get a third party certification to confirm that the superior quality and performance of our goods. Our quality control applications are detailed, from the selection of materials to delivery of the final product. Our professional tripod is extensively examined to ensure that it meets the highest standards for reliability and performance.

Baoyitd. , widely known as a credible China-based manufacturing company, has a strong ability in developing and producing camera stands. Baoyi has created a number of successful series, and tripods is one of them. Baitufu camera stands has been innovatively designed. The design is carried out by our designers who make every element of it to match any style of a room. The steel locking screws underneath the collar enable users to fasten a camera head more securely. The product has the advantage of water tightness. All its components and inner parts are carefully encapsulated with high-density housing materials to prevent any moisture and water from getting into it. Its toughness makes it withstand all challenges at the outdoor shooting.

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