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2019 Shanghai International Webcast Technology and Intelligent Hardware Expo


At present, the live broadcast market is in a high-speed growth period. From the previous entertainment, show, and game live broadcasts to cover various fields, it has become a must-have marketing model for retail, tourism, product promotion, cultural education, news and other industries. With the advent of the 5G era, the development of the new Internet era of “live broadcast, store broadcast, and people watching broadcast”, a large number of entrepreneurs, grassroots and street performers realize their dreams through live broadcast, and there are many retail, tourism, product promotion and culture. Information and other industries are actively building live broadcast bases. With the government's competent department on the healthy management of video content, effectively promoting the healthy development of the entire live broadcast industry, the "2019 Shanghai International Webcast Technology and Intelligent Hardware Expo" initiated by Beijing Asia Pacific Rees Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Shanghai Live The conference will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on November 28-30, 2019, and will host a live broadcast base signing conference.

2019 Shanghai International Webcast Technology and Intelligent Hardware Expo is under the guidance of relevant national ministries and commissions. Beijing Asia-Pacific Rees Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and hundreds of domestic influential industry live broadcast platforms, live broadcast bases, and associations jointly sponsored and participated. A comprehensive industry exhibition of live facilities, equipment, equipment and application technology. The theme of the exhibition will be “Broadcasting Health, Promotional Fees, and Culture”, aiming at implementing the healthy development of the live broadcast industry, understanding the latest development trends of domestic retail + live broadcast, focusing on the hottest topics of the latest technologies and applications, and the healthy spread of Chinese cultural education. The concept of innovation is synchronized, thus promoting the healthy development of China's live broadcast industry. The successful holding of this exhibition will promote the development of the live broadcast industry and depict a grand and magnificent totem for the upgrade of the live broadcast industry in East China!


Technology Exchange

During the exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee will assist domestic and foreign exhibitors to hold a number of technical exchange lectures in the conference room of the exhibition hall. The content will be set by the enterprise. Each audience will be 60-80 people. The company will invite itself and the organizing committee will assist the organization. And before November 1, 2019, the topic of the lecture, the main content and the name of the speaker will be reported to the organizing committee. The technical exchange seminars are limited. After the full report, each lecture will be 45 minutes and the cost will be 30,000 yuan/field.


Exhibition criteria


Large-scale live Internet corporate image display;

Computer and peripheral equipment; mobile phones and peripheral equipment; editing technology;

Film and television recording, karaoke machine, player, camera, single shot, DV, drone, camera

Sound card, mixer, controller, with (none) source DI box

Microphone, earphone, amplifier

Speaker, amplifier

Talk, amp, effect

Accessories, software, sound card debugging: audio accessories; microphone accessories; various connecting lines, fill light, earphone winder, Bluetooth device, battery, headset carrying case, headphone cable, earphone set / earbud cotton, mobile phone wire, USB data Line, mobile phone converter, mobile phone lens, mobile phone holder